First of all, I'd like to make it clear that any reference to the words 'I', 'me', 'myself', 'personally', 'author', 'Flyboy' or any other words of that nature, mean from the point-of-view or written first-hand by the sole creator of this website, Gary 'Flyboy' Wright. There are a lot of personal ideas and views expressed on this site, so unless otherwise stated, the creator of this site holds sole credit for any information and innovations until now undiscovered, but at the same time must also accept responsibility for any misleading, damaging or uneducated claims.

I originally started this site some time ago, but it was to remain a private, personal reference until I have now decided to make it public. It started off as a 5-page site and the whole thing only consisted of nine files amounting to no more than a few hundred kilobytes. I have verified a lot of info and weblinks and have expanded a bit since then, in order to make it easier for visitors to access, as up until I decided to release it only I was to set eyes on it and I knew where everything was on it.

First and foremost this website is for my personal reference, so if you don't like it, I'm sorry I've wasted your time. I have made the website with old-school in mind, as I wanted to use simple formatting just like the original RAH-66 Comanche and military websites that I learnt from. This style of website was popular in the 1990s and early 2000s and is still used today. I don't care for websites laden with CSS, Flash and JavaScript. That's not to say that the odd modern twist won't be used here and there, such as the Facebook logo linking to the accompanying Facebook community page on the main page of this site.

This could be regarded in some respects as a tribute site, as the subject matter of it is no longer active. Due to the nature of the Comanche program, it isn't always very easy to find good info on the helicopter, so I have scoured the web and have tried to bring even the most obscure data to the surface. You may also notice that I have used old logos and graphics on the site from the original Comanche sites that are now only available to view through the Internet Archive. On this site you will find everything from notes of appearances of the Comanche in films and games to the most detailed real info available, and links to Comanche model kits right up to official U.S. Army documents. Both fact and theory will be included, as well as data copied from other websites and indeed my own research and work.

I'd like to think that I have done a fair bit regarding the Comanche in the way of my own research and theory. Of note, I founded the 'Comanche Snap Turn Tactics' aka 'snap turn theory' and believe that I have recognized the extended possibility of the existing 'circle strafe' maneuver that is entirely possible with conventional layout helicopters. I founded a vision of what I call the 'Super Comanche' aka RAH-66 Comanche 'Block X' or RAH-66X 'Enhanced Comanche', where I have documented ideas on possible 'future' Comanche technology and capability - I say future in quotes as I mean future to when the Comanche should have been in active service. One day, I would like to write a book or series of short stories in fiction with the Comanche in the leading role - in the same style as Airwolf - but on a much more realistic level using factual details of the Comanche and filling in any gaps with educated guesses and theoretical capabilities.

For years I have been an avid AH-64D Longbow fan, but decided to do an RAH-66 Comanche website as I find the latter helicopter much more intriguing partly due to it never being mass produced and never going into service. Also, because of its cutting-edge stealth technology et al for the time - and in many respects still today - it is much harder to come by information and technical specs on it. I have come to refer to the Comanche as 'the most advanced military helicopter (n)ever seen', with regards to it never going into production or service and the fact that is was a stealth helicopter. With all due respect, Longbow info is everywhere now, everyone who likes it seems to be an 'expert' on it and it has all just become a bit too tiring and repetitive. I think that probably everyone from primary school kids to the North Korean's know the in's and out's of the Longbow - especially now that the Operator's Manual for it has been released, or rather, leaked.

As far as I can remember, the first time that I ever saw the Comanche was in the book A Select Colour Guide - Helicopters. The picture was of the mock-up in striped desert camo, and I remember thinking it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen for a helicopter. And coupled with statements such as 'triple redundant fly-by-wire flight-control system' and 'self-healing digital mission electronics', I was just in love with it (although then not really actively) from then on.

I feel that I have a better understanding than most of what the Comanche was capable of, as I know quite a bit about helicopters and how much anything can change for the better when running on digital. As well as having read a lot of the content of the websites and documents you can find linked from this site, I have spoken to a couple of friends who share my interest (you may know who you are), and have also tracked down and contacted two Comanche test pilot and a member of TSM Comanche - the team who were in charge of the development of the aircraft. And yes, they did reply!

Most of the info will be found in the 'Archive' section of the site, and right now the 'Comanche Info' and 'Comanche Notes' files contain a lot of fairly unsorted info and notes both from myself and other sources. This text, I hope, will get sorted out a bit better as time goes by, and when I hopefully get round to writing a 'professional' Comanche Overview, or even a book (in my dreams). Please forgive any 'placeholder' content or links that you may come across, more stuff will be added as I get it and organized as I see fit. There will be no site news page, as with other websites of mine that have one, it always seems to create a lot of additional work. So, now-and-then content will change without notice.

As I'm pretty limited as to how much information and detail there is on the Comanche, I will include quite a bit of theory and also my own views and thoughts on certain subjects surrounding the helicopter. Even though I am a huge fan of the Comanche, in any personal analyses or views or thoughts I include on this site, I will try my best to keep them factual and unbiased - even if it means that something ends up not in the Comanche's favor. Also, to fully understand every aspect, from every angle, on the Comanche, you need to not only look at the official sources of information but also right down to computer games that feature it. This is because much of the official information neglects some of the smaller aspects that one might find interesting, and it also helps to visualize certain things so as to get a better understanding of them. For example, you can get a really good sense of how the Comanche's targeting sensors functioned from playing the PC simulation Comanche Gold, something that you can get literally nowhere else.

I might, as time goes by, add 'related' info - both to pad the site out a bit and draw attention to other similar projects. For instance, I might add content about the Light Helicopter Experimental (LHX) program and any Comanche technology demonstrator helicopters. I might also add stuff on the helicopters that used some level of Comanche technology in later years, and any other 'stealth' helicopters (factual or fictional).

Right now I am so in love with the RAH-66 Comanche, and am very excited about this website and showing it to the world. Please fell free to stay and have a look around. I hope you learn something you didn't know before you came here (highly likely).

The Comanche, for me, is simply the pinnacle of my being. I love the military, helicopters and computers... and the Comanche is all of those in one, epic bundle.

I have done a lot of scouting around, pardon the pun, and I truly believe that this is the only dedicated RAH-66 Comanche site on the 'net. And you'll not find more independent research done anywhere else.

-- Gary Wright, October 2011 (Last updated November 2012)

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