Drawing | This image can be printed and used for coloring in for the kids, as a beginner's drawing reference due to its simplified detail or for directly tracing over the top of. | View.

Illusion | This image was inspired by one that I saw on the internet. When I saw it I immediately thought about trying to replicate the image but with an image of the Comanche. Here it is, and it actually kind of works. | View.

Notepaper | This is a custom Comanche notepaper design that can be printed out and used to write down your notes on. | View.


Banner by Jesse Prizer (created exclusively for this website) | View | .jpg | 136 Kb


Drawings created exclusively by Paolo 'komemiute' Pomes using the concept of, and commissioned by, Gary 'Flyboy' Wright (web author)...
Desert/Tiger Stripe Camo Scheme | View | .jpg | 73 Kb
Dark/Black Stealth Scheme | View | .jpg | 62 Kb

Note that these are smaller, lower-quality copies than the originals.

Flash Game

Comanche by

A fun 3D Flash arcade game. Destroy tanks and try to get 1000 score as soon as possible (don't shoot the buildings).

Comanche | Download (Local) | .zip | 484 Kb
Comanche | Download (Remote) | .zip | 484 Kb
Comanche | Play (Online)

Screen Saver

Left-click over link to save to your computer.

RAH-66 Comanche Screen Saver | Download | .zip | 1.78 Mb


Left-click over link to simply listen or right-click and 'Save Target As...' to save.

Forward flight | Listen | .wav | 260 Kb
Hovering | Listen | .wav | 432 Kb
Transitioning from forward flight to lateral flight, then flying sideways | Listen | .wav | 432 Kb

External site sound links:
Helicopter Sound - RAH-66 Comanche (.wav)
Listen to a RAH-66 Comanche Helicopter (.html link)


Left-click over wallpaper links below to view the full-sized images.
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Wallpaper 01 | View | .jpg | 125 Kb
Wallpaper 02 | View | .jpg | 140 Kb
Wallpaper 03 | View | .jpg | 217 Kb
Wallpaper 04 | View | .jpg | 234 Kb
Wallpaper 05 | View | .jpg | 128 Kb