Curriculum Vitae/Resumé

Gary L. Wright
3 The Fairstead, Cley Road, Holt,
Norfolk, England, UK. NR25 6JE

Tel: N/A

Date of birth: 07/10/1983
Nationality: White/Caucasian/British

Employment/Work Experience

2015-present [ THE NAMELESS PROJECT ] [ UK/US ]
* Creator and maintainer of website, graphics, art, promotion, support. One of my biggest, and possibly most important, ventures to date.

2015-present [ The Eye In Iowa ] [ UK/US ]
* Creator and maintainer of Facebook page, graphics, art, promotion, support. Interactive companion to 'THE NAMELESS PROJECT' website.

2015-present [ Dawn Of Destruction - The Official Fansite ] [ UK/US ]
* Creator and maintainer of official fansite, graphics, art, promotion, support.

2014-present [ The Underground Archives ] [ US ]
* A website for the underground music scene mainly catering for the Midwest USA, created and maintained by a guy who was in a punk band years ago and is also now a friend of mine. I helped him test the site after he migrated it to a new content management system, and later I would add and edit band and musician entries on the site. I am listed there as a contributor.

2014-present [ The Have Nots ] [ US ]
* A website for a punk band from the 1990s, created and maintained by the singer who is also now a friend of mine. I went in and corrected spelling, edited grammar and made a new header logo for the site.

2013-present [ Graphic Design and Print Community Interest Company ] [ UK ]
* I started volunteering there on Thursday 6th June 2013. I was originally working there 3 days a week, it went up to 4 days a week but now I'm doing just 2 days a week.
* Supervising youths with learning difficulties, teaching basic English and Maths, assisting on computers, helping with social interaction, being a general assistant to the boss, doing basic graphic design, updating software on computers, answering the phone and taking messages, general housekeeping. Doing research online, getting quotes and estimates. Sorting, punching and binding booklets and calendars. Opening up, locking up and seeing to clients while no other members of staff are present. Being held responsible with a key to the premises and turning the alarm on/off.
* Skills gained: Working with young adults with learning difficulties, being responsible with holding keys to the premises.

2012-present [ Holt Hall Field Studies Centre ] [ UK ]
* I started volunteering at Holt Hall from Wednesday 15th August 2012, this is a position of approx. 6 hours a week, helping out in the grounds. I sometimes also attend 3 hours a month on Volunteer's Day, helping out in the walled garden or the grounds. I have also helped out on open days. Note that I had to be CRB checked for these positions. I started working there with a paid position on Thursday 5th September 2013. I was originally working there just 1 day a week, now it's 2 days a week. I have since also taken on the role as IT/website/social network advisor/admin/manager with two other employees. I am now a moderator of the Holt Hall Facebook page.
* As a volunteer: Clearing up previously cut branches, having bonfires, clearing nettles, clearing ivy off trees, putting logs onto a trailer, log splitting, cutting down Rhododendrons, cutting up and burning Rhododendrons, digging up turf, clearing driveways, cutting overhanging branches, indoor tasks. Bagging, weighing and labelling bags of home-made charcoal. As an employee: Working in the grounds, walled garden, greenhouses and in the hall itself. Assisting the head groundsman and working with the fellow assistant groundsman and also youths who are volunteering or are on work placements.
  - I once attended a 'Glad About The Glaven' event for 5 hours. I ran a kids game stall for 2 hours to relieve the previous stall keeper. I helped tidy away afterwards (moved tables and cleared stall).
* Skills gained: Working with paid employees and other volunteers in a full-working environment, working alongside youths with learning difficulties, using initiative to carry out individual tasks within a bigger job, working out the best way to make use of the manpower and time available for a specific job. Working around kids, setting a good example, no inappropriate behaviour, etc. Interacting with parents and kids, handling money, giving prizes.

2011-present [ Holt Town Council ] [ UK ]
* On Monday 11th July 2011 I became a Holt Town Council member. I was co-opted, but I was actually the only person who had applied to fill the vacancy on the council. I am the second youngest on the council, with just one other member younger than me, out of 13 councillors. I may now go as Councillor Wright or Cllr Wright. On Monday 11th February 2013 I was elected on to the Spout Hills Committee.
* Going to meeting of 2 hours once a month, taking part in discussion and decision-making process of matters in town, submitting items to be added to the agenda, meeting members of the district and county councils, hearing crime reports from Safer Neighbourhood Team members (police community support officers), listening to issues from the public, attending extra meetings and site visits with developers and NNDC members. Note that the electorate size of Holt is just under 3000 people (as of July 2011). I also attend the annual towns meetings and budget meetings, developer meetings and site inspections where possible. Additionally, I offered and got permission to litter pick around various local areas that I felt were perhaps left a bit neglected - as I found out litter picks are only done 'officially' twice a year. I also perform tasks on behalf of the Town Clerk (such as shutting cemetary gates over Christmas, gritting and clearing snow and ice from our car park).
  - Little Hills: I am a co-worker on the management team, and have worked there up to around 16 hours a week. I mostly work exclusively with the Mayor, and work includes cutting back brambles and brush, digging out dead bushes and trees, cutting dead and nuisance branches, minor tree surgery and light forestry, raking and generally tidying up. I prepare bonfires, light, help burn waste and clean up afterwards. On my own I have dug out hundreds of bramble roots by hand.
  - Spout Hills: On the last Saturday of every month, I attend a tidy up session of 2 hours at local common land which includes cutting back dead foliage and branches off trees, conservation work, using machinery and generally tidying up.
* Skills gained: Volunteering to fill local roles. Being respectful, polite, well-mannered, well-behaved. Speaking in public, getting a point across. Dealing with and reporting verbal abuse and threats, not giving in to bullying tactics.

2011-present [ Zeus Software ] [ ? ]
* Beta tester/bug reporter for the nGlide Glide wrapper, technical support on the forums for that program.
* Testing the software and looking for graphical errors and glitches, as well as stability problems, giving help and support in the forums.
* Skills gained: working on a project to make it better, accurately reporting problems with software to the developer, insight into solutions.

2011-present [ Half-Life Zone ] [ US/Europe ]
* Content provider and mod reviewer for main site, Global Moderator on Forums.
* Creating content for the site, providing files and giving help and support in the forums.
* Skills gained: working with others.

2010-present [ The Official Anders Colsefni Fansite ] [ UK/US ]
* Creator and maintainer of official fansite, graphics, art, promotion, support.
* Creating and updating the website, promoting his music via my site and Facebook, forwarding fan e-mails sent to me.
* Skills gained: positively promoting somebody trying to succeed, interacting with fans.

2010 [ Europe End-to-End 2010 ] [ UK ]
* Assisted the cause for raising money for the Help For Heroes charity.
* Creation of website, site updates, support, technical support, photography, video editing, fundraising in public, ideas and problem solving.
* Skills gained: working against a deadline, delivering on the requirements of somebody else, public interaction.

2009 - 2010 [ Combat-Helo ] [ UK ]
* Beta Tester, Marketing and Promotion, Information and Resources, Mission Ideas, Technical Assistance, Tribute Website.
* Testing the game for bugs and glitches, promoting the game on websites and doing interviews, providing key members of the team with info and reference material, saying what needs to be changed or fixed regarding the comparison to real-life military hardware.
* Skills gained: working in a team, communication through the internet, game mechanics.

2009 - present [ MILNET (and all sub-sites) ] [ UK ]
* Founder, Sole Owner, Admin, Editor.
* Responsible for maintaining FTP file system, adding and editing site content, conducting interviews and keeping the sites up-to-date.
* Skills gained: meeting personal deadlines, self-discipline, online promotion.

2009 - present [ Digitality (and all sub-sites) ] [ UK ]
* Founder, Sole Owner, Admin, Editor.
* Responsible for maintaining FTP file system, adding and editing site content and keeping the sites up-to-date.
* Skills gained: meeting personal deadlines, self-discipline, online promotion.

2006 - present [ SimHQ / Forums ] [ USA ]
* Guest Writer, Forum Contributor.
* I've written articles for the site that have featured and had good reader feedback, contribute to and start forum topics of interest, give help and share knowledge.
* Skills gained: communication, meeting deadlines, working together with the owner of the site, delivering rich content, sympathetic and accepting of other peoples religious beliefs and ethics, avoiding possible hostilities through solutions in favor of all parties concerned, taking into consideration other peoples ideas and style, starting debates and raising issues on subjects of interest, worldwide reach, overcoming mild language barriers, good international relations, experience with people from foreign countries, gaining a small fan following.

2006 - present [ Flyboy's Site / Flyboy Industries (and all sub-sites) ] [ UK ]
* Founder, Sole Owner, Admin, Editor.
* Responsible for maintaining FTP file system, adding and editing site content and keeping the sites up-to-date with relevant news.
* Skills gained: communication, meeting personal deadlines, self-discipline, working together with the people who provide the information for the site, actively seeking permissions to use other peoples content, creating partners and affiliates, online promotion, gaining a small fan following.

2006 - 2009 [ ] [ USA ]
* Admin, Editor, News Contributor.
* Responsible for maintaining and repairing FTP file system, adding and editing written articles and keeping the site up-to-date with relevant news, proof-reading and correcting spelling and grammatical mistakes in the sites content.
* Skills gained: communication, meeting deadlines, working together with the other co-editors of the site.


1988 - 1994 [ Holt County Primary School ] [ Holt, Norfolk ]
1995 - 1999 [ Sheringham High School ] [ Sheringham, Norfolk ]

I left school early due to illness and wasn't able to take my GCSEs. I never wanted to go to college or university, so I have no formal qualifications but have self-taught everything I know and have since learned everything I need to know by myself, by reading books, researching on the internet and by asking questions to other people. I have excellent English skills and am good at maths and science. I've never done any computer courses or had any tutoring, I am totally self-taught.

Relevant Experience/Skills

I have:
    * over 15 years experience with Windows-based computers
    * good working knowledge of computers in general
    * around 8 years of web design experience
    * over 8 years experience of serious graphical design and image manipulation
    * good verbal and written communication skills
    * good business sense

I am:
    * a hard worker with no set 'clocking-off' time
    * a fast learner with new programs and work ethic
    * a proficient typist with good spelling and grammar (I can type fast and accurately, and as an example one piece I did only had around 4 spelling mistakes in over 2100 words)
    * a good proof-reader
    * dedicated and dynamic
    * very competitive
    * very creative, always thinking of new ideas and new projects
    * comfortable and experienced with using the internet as a whole, and can complete almost any task put to me regarding searching and finding information
    * competent with most graphics software programs and can learn new ones swiftly
    * always looking for ways to develop and progress

    * Microsoft DOS, Windows 3.1/95/98/98SE/ME/XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS (OS 9, OS X), Mandrake Linux (16-bit/32-bit/64-bit)

Desktop Publishing:
    * Claris Works
    * Lotus 1-2-3
    * Lotus SmartSuite
    * Microsoft Excel
    * Microsoft Office
    * Microsoft PowerPoint
    * Microsoft Word
    * Microsoft Works
    * OpenOffice

Computer Hardware:
    * Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Intel CPUs.
    * 3dfx Interactive (Voodoo2, Voodoo3), ATI Technologies (ATI) (Rage Pro, Radeon) and Nvidia (GeForce) graphics cards.

3D Graphics APIs:
    * 3dfx Interactive's Glide.
    * Microsoft's Direct3D and DirectX.
    * Silicon Graphics' (SGI) OpenGL (Open Graphics Library).

General Computer Experience:
    * Word processing, spreadsheets and databases using .doc, .rtf, .txt files among others.
    * Image creation, editing, manipulation and converting using .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, .tga files among others.
    * Audio creation, editing and converting using .mp3, .wav, .wma among others.
    * Video creation, editing and converting using .avi, .mpg, .wmv among others.
    * File compression and archiving using .ace, .cab, .rar, .zip among others.
    * Internet browsing and webpage saving with .cgi, .htm, .html, .php, .pl, .shtml among others.
    * E-mail and instant messaging programs.
    * Online shops and payment transactions such as with eBay and PayPal.
    * Peer-2-Peer File Sharing software.
    * Download Managing software.
    * Web design and FTP software.
    * Scanning and printing.
    * Software installation/uninstallation.
    * PC security - anti-virus and anti-spyware/adware/malware.
    * CD/DVD playback.
    * CD/-R/-RW and DVD/-R/-RW burning/copying/erasing.
    * CD/DVD ISO mounting using virtual optical drives.
    * Audio ripping from Audio CD and video files.
    * PDF file creation.
    * DOS and console game emulation.
    * Screen and video capture programs.
    * Installer programs creating simple self-extracting zip archives to full installer packages.
    * Game, CPU, Video Card Benchmarking.
    * Application Compatibility modes.
    * Emulation/Virtual machines using DOSBox, Virtual PC and VirtualBox.
    * Hard-drive formatting, partitioning and erasing.
    * Custom startup commands.
    * System Restore.
    * Registry editing.
    * Backing up files.
    * General maintenance and problem fixing.
    * Internet connections (wired and wireless), port forwarding through Windows and router firewalls.
    * Voice communication with software such as Skype and TeamSpeak 3.

Game Design:
    * Custom menu graphics and art
    * Map/mission creation and editing
    * Model texture creation and editing
    * Sprite/animated effects creation and editing
    * Texture creation and editing
    * AI integration
    * Custom game scripting
    * Exploiting engine flaws and glitches
    * Manual/readme file creation

Game Engine Experience:
  Dates range from around 1999 to present (not listed in chronological order)
    * Build (Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, Shadow Warrior)
    * Dark Engine (Thief: The Dark Project, Thief II: The Metal Age, System Shock 2)
    * GoldSrc (Half-Life, Opposing Force, Blue Shift, Gunman Chronicles, Team Fortress Classic, Counter-Strike, Day Of Defeat, Firearms)
    * Land Warrior (Delta Force: Land Warrior, Delta Force: Task Force Dagger)
    * Quake (Quake)
    * Quake II (Quake II, Heretic II, Kingpin: Life Of Crime, SiN, Soldier Of Fortune)
    * Quake III Arena (Quake III Arena, Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2)
    * Source (Half-Life 2)
    * Unreal (Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Deus Ex, Strike Force, Tactical Ops)
    * Carmageddon/Carmageddon 2 engines
    * Enemy Engaged: Apache Havoc, Enemy Engaged: Comanche Hokum engines
    * Jane's AH-64D Longbow/Longbow 2 engines
    * Novalogic's Comanche and Delta Force engines

Platform Emulation Experience:
    * 3DFX Glide (dgVoodoo, nGlide, zeckensack's Glide wrappers)
    * Amiga (WinFellow, WinUAE)
    * Commodore 64 (Win64)
    * M.A.M.E. (MAME32)
    * MS-DOS (DOSBox)
    * Nintendo64 (Project64)
    * PC (Virtual PC, VirtualBox)
    * RAINE (RAINE Arcade Emulator)
    * Sega Dreamcast (nullDC for Windows)
    * Sega Game Gear (Meka)
    * Sega Genesis (Ages, Fusion, Gens, Gens32 Surreal, Kega, Xega)
    * Sega Master System (Dega, Mekaw, Past-O-Rama)
    * Sega Saturn (Yabause)
    * Super Nintendo (SNES9x, ZSNES)

Virtual Machines and Virtualization:
    * DOSBox
    * Microsoft Virtual PC, Windows Virtual PC (+ Windows XP Mode)
    * Parallels Desktop
    * Oracle VirtualBox
    * VMware Workstation

Half-Life Design Experience:

Compile Tools
    * Batch Compiler
    * Half-Life Compilation Controller
    * Mapster
    * Q2 BeaVeR
    * Quake II Compile Center
    * Zoner's Compile Tools (plus custom builds)

Map Tools
    * 3D World Studio
    * Cartography Shop
    * Q3Radiant
    * QERadiant
    * Qoole 99
    * QuArK
    * Tread3D
    * Valve Hammer Editor (WorldCraft)
    * WinBSPC

Texture Tools
    * Adobe Illustrator
    * Adobe Photoshop
    * Adobe Photoshop Elements
    * Animation Shop
    * Corel Photopaint
    * GIMP
    * ImageForge
    * imageN
    * Microsoft Paint
    * Paint Shop Pro
    * PhotoStudio 2000
    * Wally

Web Browsers:
    * Google Chrome
    * Maxthon
    * Microsoft Internet Explorer
    * Mozilla Firefox
    * Opera

Web Design:
    * Website Design (from single webpages to full multi-paged websites)
    * Web Hosting
    * Content Management and Data Entry
    * Graphic Design (logos, headers, backgrounds) and Image Manipulation
    * Site Optimization
    * Image Optimization
    * e-commerce (like PayPal donation buttons)
    * Online Marketing and Advertising
    * Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    * Basic-to-medium hand-written HTML code in a simple text editor such as Notepad, WYSIWYG in some editors but am best with Cool Page, or a mixture of both WYSIWYG and hand-written
    * Wiki code for articles on Wikipedia
    * Customer Support (good written and verbal communication skills with clients and customers)

Web Editor Experience:
  Some level of experience with various types of HTML editors, including:
    * Text editors
    * Word processors
    * Text-based HTML editors
    * WYSIWYG editors
    * Web-based editors

Web Languages:
    * HTML (Intermediate)
    * XHTML/XML (Basic)
    * CSS (Basic)
    * JavaScript (Basic)

Examples Of My Work (All aliases are mine)
    * Flyboy's Site
    * Flyboy's Longbow 2 Site
    * FlyboyHelosim's YouTube Channel
    * HL Freak's Half-Life Site
    * wyrmart

Articles published at Helosim
    Tail rotors and variations - by Gary 'Flyboy' Wright (more submitted, but not published)

Articles published at SimHQ - Air Combat Zone - Janes Combat Simulations Longbow Series (Date: November 1, 2007 / Length: 8 pages)
    SimHQ Feature - Jane's Longbow 2 and Modern Computers (Date: February 27, 2010 / Length: 2 pages)
    SimHQ Feature - The Future of Warfare (Date: ? 2007 / Length: 5 pages)
    SimHQ Feature - The Future of Warfare - Part 2 (Date: September 22, 2008 / Length: 5 pages)
    SimHQ Feature - The Future of Warfare - Part 3 (Date: December 19, 2008 / Length: 5 pages)

My Projects (past, present and future)

Archiving. I save any data, documents, audio, images and video of my interests from the internet that I feel may be useful to me or others in the future.

Art. I'm not much good now, but I did a series of Slipknot art when I was about 16. I have an appreciation for erotic and pin-up art, Vargas, Japanese Manga, M. C. Escher, video game art and video game concept art.

Audio creation/editing. I've created and edited audio to some extent for many PC game sounds, and have also remastered several downloaded bad quality Slipknot and related bands' songs and even full albums. My tools of choice are Cool Edit and Microsoft Sound Recorder.

Beta testing/bug reporting. I have done a bit of testing and reporting of bugs for people's programs, maps and mods either before their public release or after. The indie flight sim Combat-Helo, glide wrapper nGlide and various Half-Life mods and maps are some examples of what I've tested.

Computer games. I have a vast knowledge of arcade, console and PC games from the '90s to '00s. So far I have reviewed games for personal reference, but may like to do it on a more professional level in the future. I would perhaps like to do some beta testing for PC games in the future as well - especially combat helicopter flight simulations. I am also a registered Microsoft Playtester.

Computer software consultancy. I like to share my knowledge of computers, mainly the software side of things, with other people who have problems with their computers. I know a lot about the Windows series of operating systems, as well as many freeware programs and loads of games. I regularly use internet forums and messageboards and help people within that specific area of interest.

Data Input. I have a vast archive of information that I have personally got from books and the internet over the years, and I am a contributor to the Wikipedia free online encyclopedia, where I have edited articles of interest. I have also assisted people locally.

Financial trading. I own shares for some companies and am getting into stock trading.

Game editing/modding. Games that I've made mods for include: Carmageddon/2, Enemy Engaged: Apache Havoc, Enemy Engaged: Comanche Hokum, Jane's Longbow series, Kingpin, Moto Racer 2, Need For Speed 3, Thief 1/G/2. And of course, Half-Life (plus the mods Counter-Strike, Day Of Defeat, Death Match Classic and Opposing Force).

Graphical design. I have made all my own website logos and graphics, have made game textures and also artwork/logos for some underground bands. I enjoy doing image manipulation as well. I like making up slogans and my own sayings too. I've done some t-shirt designs and have done graphics for not only t-shirts, but also sweatshirts, office items, calendars, magnets and stickers... most of which are available to buy online.

Half-Life. The PC game Half-Life on its own is a project for me. I keep a vast array of info on it and am interested in all aspects of the game, including characters, levels, story and then there's the editing. I made some maps for Half-Life and its popular mods such as Opposing Force, Counter-Strike and Day Of Defeat. I also made several small mods and one which I released called 'Total Carnage'. I had the idea for a brain-teaser Half-Life 2 mod, called 'Math Mod', but this never materialized and would have been made by a third-party.

Inventing. I have previously thought of things that as far as I knew, were not yet invented and that may have been of use or filled a 'gap in the market'. I have invented two devices, which coincidentally both utilize laser technology. I submitted a law enforcement/military invention, or rather idea, that I had to various U.S. military and private security organizations and defense companies. The concept was for a system for use with current/future soldier system projects. After much activity on my part, only a small interest was garnered and unfortunately, nothing came out of it. The other invention was intended for the competition shooter market and proposals were put forward to leading industry players, but again, nothing came of it. I also came up with various theories relating to the RAH-66 Comanche stealth helicopter, including the 'snap turn theory' and 'circle strafe theory'.

Journalism / Writing. I have written articles for websites to do with video game simulations and real-life military equipment and usage. I am also an active contributor to many online forums and messageboards. I have hundreds of unpublished personal files that I've written for self-reference. I've gained experience writing articles and conveying my thoughts and expressions in a reader-friendly way, text editing and proof-reading, spelling and grammar correction. I've also interviewed many people - done for my websites and personal curiosity (public and private, respectively) - asking questions that had not been asked before and ones that would be of high interest to the target audience.

Military. Easily one of my biggest interests of all time. I am very interested in military hardware and specialize in knowledge of U.S. military equipment. I like military science and technology as a whole, and have written articles on the future of warfare. I like to think that I'm bit of a defense expert as well as a military philosopher and theorist, and also a defense/political analyst. I have done much independent research over various subjects of deep interest to me within the military. I actively support wounded British and American Armed Forces personnel and veterans, and have donated to military charities.
    My main areas of interest within the military include, but are not limited to:
    * Ammunition (traditional, advanced - caseless, kinetic energy, sub-caliber, multi-warhead, top-attack, electrically-fired)
    * Anti-Tank Missiles (Brimstone, Hellfire, JCM, TOW, etc)
    * Armor (soldier, vehicle, helicopter / traditional, composite, magnetorheological fluid, electrically charged, active protection systems)
    * Attack Helicopters (AH-64A Apache, AH-64D Longbow, RAH-66 Comanche)
    * Avionics (all aircraft; cockpit layouts, displays, electro-optical sensors, survivability equipment, etc)
    * Camoflage (soldier, vehicle, helicopter / traditional, digital, optical, stealth)
    * Doctrine (U.S., Soviet)
    * Documentation (Operator's Manuals, Technical Manuals, product brochures, etc)
    * Helicopter Flight Control Systems (Input devices, fly-by-wire, flight models, flight control laws, etc)
    * Helmet-Mounted Displays (as well as Heads-Up Displays; cockpit, wearable)
    * Lasers (laser designators, laser weapons)
    * MANPRINT (individual soldiers, helicopter cockpits)
    * Nanotechnology (armor and aircraft skins)
    * Programs (especially U.S. Army - LHX, FFW, OICW)
    * Robotics (soldier exoskeletons, AI, wheeled, tracked, flying, biped, quadruped)
    * Rotorcraft (all types)
    * Simulation & Training (virtual, simulator, real-embedded)
    * Soldier Systems (Land Warrior, integrated systems, helmet-mounted displays, wearable computers, status monitoring)
    * Spectrums of Warfare (jungle, urban, close quarters combat)
    * Stealth (all aircraft)
    * Survival (plus escape and evasion)
    * Tanks (M1A2 Abrams, armor, main gun ammunition)
    * Technology (current, future)
    * Textiles (soldier body armor, integrated portable computing, nanomaterials)
    * U.S. military (doctrine, training, infrastructure, everything)
    * U.S. special forces (Delta Force, Navy SEALS, etc.)
    * Weaponry (traditional, modern, future - laser, railgun, directed-energy)
    * Weapons (M16, M4 Carbine, small arms, aircraft weapons, miniguns, ammunition)

Music. I love some bands so much that I want to know everything about them. Not so much now, but I used to regularly update databases on my favorite bands. I have also made some of my own music and have created my own band (although it has never really got past the name stage and is just a fantasy), called 'Kings Of Carnage'. I'm also interested in music genres and what defines a music genre.

Photography. I do some photography with a digital camera, mainly aviation/military, nature and odd or spectacular things. I have an appreciation for aviation photography.

Research. I have researched many, many topics and areas of my interest and I pride myself with being able to find almost anything regarding information on the internet.

Shooting. I love all forms of shooting but only actively practice airsoft and airgun shooting. I have knowledge of basic things such as setting up a telescopic sight, the different uses of different pellets and the effect of ballistics. I invented the term 'Absolute vs Relative Zero' which is a theory regarding the relation of the point of zero to the point of projectile impact. I am a big fan of the Crosman 22XX series of CO2 powered airguns and have become good at customizing, modding, tuning and servicing these guns. I am a member of web forums and Facebook group pages in relation to this where I share my knowledge. My favorite airgun manufacturers are the classic American names of Crosman, Benjamin, and Sheridan.

Slipknot. Going further than what I did with music in general, I meticulously searched out and archived info on this band from around July 1999 to July 2007. I liked to believe that I was the keeper of the biggest Slipknot infobase in the world. Being a perfectionist, I sought out info that no other online website documented. Slipknot is a way of life. I've done interviews with some of the ex-band members and even received a message from the current lead singer via MySpace after I contacted him. I specialized in the history of SK, including the band in the early years, past bands, members, member line-ups and discography. I am the creator of the would-be dedicated fan movement, Slipknot Inner Circle (SIC). The icing on the cake was when I established contact with one of the co-founding members, Anders Colsefni, became friends and continued to keep in touch. I went on to create and host his Official Fansite website.

Teaching. I regularly find myself having to educate people about the basic functions of computers. I also teach people about helicopters and help them understand about how things work in military helicopter simulation games. I have a good all-round knowledge of the workings and theoretical capabilities of most military hardware regarding avionics and the digital side of things.

Video creation/editing. I've captured, created and edited video in many PC games and most are on my very own YouTube channel. I also create promotional TV advert-style videos for my websites, services and areas of interest. My tools of choice are Fraps and Windows Movie Maker.

Voice acting. I've always loved doing voice impressions of people. I've done stuff for Half-Life mods and Thief, none released. I am on the list of available voice actors for fan-made Thief missions over at the TTLG Forums. I've also done test work and personal work for Comanche Gold custom missions, Combat-Helo and Longbow 2.

Web design. I have created all my own websites and continue to maintain them and update the ones that require updating. This very page was made by me! I used to use nothing but the WYSIWYG editor called Cool Page for the main site designs - it's so easy and a joy to use, but I went on to use other programs to do more specialized coding, etc. of which I have tested many. I now 'specialize' in old-school webpages and websites with simple, practical, logical code layout and structure, that are totally hand-written HTML simply using Notepad. I have also done webpages and websites for friends and family. I have 'invented' my own version of HTML, which is generally based on a loose interpretation of HTML 4.01 Transitional, for which I have many name ideas for... fundaMentaL, MyML, siMpLe... and also many abbreviated ones.

Web marketing and promotion. I have quite a good knowledge of promoting people's software projects/music/websites and tackle the issue in a number of creative ways including affiliating, graphics and video. I seem to be quite good at SEO, as with everything against me (free webhost, free domain name, no adverts, minimal link exchanging, sites hand-written in basic HTML - in Notepad!) I consistently manage to rank #1 or at least on the first page of Google (and all other good search engines) search results using the most common logical search terms. I have used social media such as Facebook for an interactive companion to my main chosen website(s) of interest.


Games (Video games in general, retro games, console games, Half-Life, game editing, game engines, physics engines)

Military (military science, military technology and equipment, etc.)

Science & Technology (computers, biology, chemistry, future, internet)


In my limited spare time I like to play computer games and especially the first-person military shooter game called Delta Force: Xtreme online in multiplayer with friends from all over the world. In co-operative gameplay, we work together to accomplish a varying set of objectives across many different maps. In deathmatch gameplay, we are all against each other and you have to try and rack up as many kills as possible. In team deathmatch gameplay, we are split into two teams who must try and eliminate members on the opposing team.

I also lend advice and assistance at the SimHQ Forums - an online messageboard and community for simulation computer games and real-world military enthusiasts. Other forums I frequently visit or help out at are Half-Life Zone Forums, MFKR Board, TTLG Forums, and Zeus Software Forums.


Available upon request.