Instructions For Hind In 3DFX Mode

Game Info

HIND: The Russian Combat Helicopter Simulation

Published by: Interactive Magic Ltd.
Developed by: Digital Integration Ltd.
Released: 1996

Source: MobyGames

Install Instructions

For Hind in the coveted 3DFX mode

1) Install game from CD.
2) Install Common Files ... download | mirror (1.41 Mb).
3) Install Lepus2008 Patch ... download | mirror (7.49 Mb).
4) Install NoCD Patch ... download | mirror (506 Kb).
5) Install glide wrapper of choice (if on a non-native 3DFX system). Choose from either ...
dgVoodoo v1.50 Beta2 download | mirror (351 Kb) or zeckensack's v0.84c download | mirror (249 Kb).


* If you have a HIND CD from the FrontLine Fighters series, that already includes a native 3DFX installer, so you don't (shouldn't!) need the Common Files/Lepus patches.

* Not sure about whether the NoCD Patch works on the stock 3DFX install or not. There was also a NoCD for the non-3DFX version, but I think I have the right one.

* If you encounter an error about missing 'GLASS.CMP' file(s), every .WZ folder must have it, so you can find it in whichever .WZ folder has it and copy to the rest of them. Probably goes with the other terrain/artwork files.

Results by Ziggy Sawdust

Well I manged to get Glide running (4GHz i7 quad, old-ish GTX285), Dual boot WinXP Pro 32-bit mode. Did the old setup like we did before in 2008. To Recap; Installed from Hind95 CD, copied over all the 3Dfx patch files (manually of course as the installer's no good in XP), copied missing Glass.CMP files from the other folder as mentioned previously, then copied over 3Dfx patch 1.2 (Voodoo 2) hind95.exe from The Patch Scrolls to ensure there wasn't any trouble w/ the old exe.

It might not be relevant but Nvidia driver version was 185.85 (32 bit version obviously) - couldn't go back any further of course due to the GTX285 card. I kept the desktop in its native res for my screen (1920x1080 32bit @120Hz). Default global Nvidia driver settings (although extra anti-aliasing settings might work, try it).

Same settings as per usual but with some extra "voodoo incantations" to prevent the hanging demon entering our blackscreen...

Settings in Zeck's wrapper:

- Global settings
- Texmem: 16MB
- Res: Try high res
- Refresh rate: by app
- V-Sync: Always off
- Mipmaps: By app (default)
- Gamma: 1.4 locked (optional, but I liked the look of the haze/dust in Afghanistan like this)
- Limit feature set: Most fancy shaders
- Render to: Own window (default)
- Thread policy: Crazy (if set to 'use render thread' it's still playable but this time we can see the previously invisible "End Mission Y/N" dialog)
- Resolution Limit: 1280x960

In Windows XP:

- In the Windows Shortcut, set compatibility mode to Win98 / Me.
- Optional but Recommended: Right-Click on the Taskbar, select Properties and then "Auto Hide the taskbar". Make sure that "Keep the taskbar on top" is enabled; if isn't, you might have a problem recovering from a CTD (I had to do a hard reset, so keep in hidden mode).

The game runs quite well, except for the Windows Taskbar slightly visible at the bottom of the screen in hidden mode. Looks alright to me, what do you think?

Next, Recovery from blackscreen after (CTRL+Q) End Mission "Y":

- Press ALT+ESC (to close the window).
- Click on hind95 on the taskbar (or ALT+TAB) to go back to the game. I found that if I just press ALT+TAB *without* moving the mouse at all, the game crashes. If the pointer isn't moving across the screen when it's maximised, it crashes. You might see a square sprite of the pointer. So, click on the taskbar to maximise the program and get that pointer moving instead of pressing ALT+TAB.
- As the game is still running (yet invisible) you can now safely drag the mouse down to the bottom right and click to continue.

To exit the game, exit as normal. When the screen dumps to desktop in 8-bit 640x480 mode, right-click on hind95.exe in the Task Manager (which you should already have running in the top left corner of your desktop ready to do this) and select End Process. That's it.

There's one last "black magic" step I found, necessary to prevent the blackscreen crash:

- When starting the game, first thing to do is to select Preferences and either turn off Speech altogether, or..
- Leave Speech and Music on (click on both buttons), but in the game you need to listen to the entire mission briefing. If you click 'Commit' too soon before he's finished talking, it CTD's after mission. When Komradski's "speech" (briefing) ends, I hear a small distorted 'click' as the music returns. I'm guessing there's an old DirectSHOW sound conflict somewhere? I found that if this click doesn't occur, you are rewarded w/ a crash after the mission. Anyway that's what I did to stop it and I'm progressing through my Afghanistan Campaign in 3Dfx Mode nicely.

BTW, I didn't get any sound during the intro Animations, so I'm guessing it's probably a codec thing... Maybe those movies can be re-encoded into a playable format? Which might have a happy consequence of stopping the game from crashing?? Not sure, if someone wants to try, that'd be awesome. It might be fixable if you have some old Directshow codecs? I had to do something similar to fix an old game's sound, I-War2, Tron or System Shock I think, too long ago! Anyway at least we're getting there and 3Dfx is playable again finally (without a real Voodoo 2 card)! Good flying & spasibo komradskis.

-- Ziggy Sawdust


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