Flyboy's Reviews

Notes on the following reviews:
* All reviews and comments are made for straight out-of-the-box, unmodified games - unless otherwise stated.
* Any comments regarding gameplay performance reflect how the games played on MY computer at the time of review and YOU may get different results.
* I do swear a bit in the reviews, depending on how disgusted I am with a game. You've been warned.

Things that I look out for when making notes and/or reviewing helo sims: flight model, yaw rate, helicopter dynamics such as transitional lift and vortex ring and down wash effects, visual rotor coning and tilt whether from external view and/or a virtual cockpit view, trees/foliage (collidable?), infantry/men, accurate symbology and presented information and placement, realistic weapon rate-of-fire and range and damage, training, videos, realistic sound effects, speech, difficulty.

Combat helicopter sims reviewed by me:

Apache Air Assault
Comanche Gold
Comanche 4
Enemy Engaged: Apache/Havoc & Comanche Vs. Hokum
Fair Strike
KA-52: Team Alligator
Team Apache
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"very nice...straight and to the point... didn't realize their was so many chopper games out... of course i didn't see the greatest, Longbow 2 reviewed... or the newest Blackshark. ;)" -- Magnum