Developed by: Digital Image Design
Published by: Infogrames
Released: 1998
Platform: Windows

Genre: Action, Strategy
Perspective: 1st-Person Perspective, 3rd-Person Perspective, Top-Down
Non-Sport: Flight, Helicopter, Real-Time, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Tank

Description: In 2065, the world's military forces were transferred to the World Wide War Web in an effort to eliminate bloodshed. All the countries, whether they be a superpower or in the Third World, were justly represented. Wars were fought through this system, and the winner would take the loser's electronic infrastructure. However, the system was flawed. It was prone to be hacked. In this state of "wargasm," the world has fallen into a state of corruption. It is your duty to bring order back to the world in this 3D RTS. One thing, beyond the basic RTS play, is the ability to possess any of your units and control them directly.


"Wargasm was probably the first hybrid FPS / driving/flying simulation world war theme game..... that spawned Medal of Honor, Call of Duty & Battlefield series.

Long live Wargasm!"

-- andwan0


As shown on the game box.

In The Future, All Wars Will Be Fought This Way

3D Acceleration Required


It's Wargasm - all hell has broken loose on the World Wide War Web, the virtual warfare system designed to end conventional war and bloodshed.

Your mission: fight the world for total control of the web.

Pure adrenaline game play - if real war is anything like this, you'll want to stay home.

Pick up and play - easy to master, hard to put down.

Power-crazy - play with a devastating array of firepower. Command up to 25 units.

Master the art of war - as a soldier, helicopter pilot or tank commander.

Multiple Wargasm - play against real opponents in the ultimate network battle.


* First And Third Person Player Perspectives
* Mud, Dust, Smoke, Rain And Blood
* Full Tactical Control
* Eye-Popping Graphics


According to one YouTube video, WARGASM isn't just a word but actually stands for War Ground Air Special Missions.

The soundtrack features pieces of classical music, including Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 "Choral" (commonly known as Ode to Joy).

Funnily enough, multiplayer mode in this game is called "Multiple Wargasm."

3D Engine

3D Engine: 3Dream

The 3Dream was developed by the internal R&D team within DiD (Digitial Image Design). It's internal codename was "Hovis" as a humourous reference to being "Better Bred". Although written primarily in 'C' with some assembly, it was designed using object-oriented techniques. It's graphics technologies enabled innovative features on Katmai (aka PII with MMX) on Wargasm. These included real-time dynamic environment mapping on the water, cloth-modelling on camo nets and a volumetric particle effect system.

As well as running on PC, versions of the engine also ran on Nintendo 64 and PC.

3Dream continued to be innovated past the demise of DiD as part of the selling off of DiD to Rage from Infogrames.

Wargasm (1998) [Windows]
Eurofighter Typhoon (2001) [Windows]
eRacer (2001) [Windows]
Rage Rally (2002) [Windows]
Eurofighter Typhoon: Operation Icebreaker (2002) [Windows]

Wargasm Hints & Cheats

Cheat Mode
Select any map then select any scenario and arm structure. Wait for the game to load, then type 40HOURWEEKS (as one word) and press ENTER at the deployment map. Exit to the main menu, and enter the options screen. Click on 'Detail'. A 'Cheat Active' button marked with a red X will appear. Click on that button and then you have cheat mode.

Play as the enemy
First, you must activate the cheat(Infinite ammo and invulnernability) Then, after activating the cheat, press SHIFT and K at the same time at the map screen. You are also invulnerable and have unlimited ammo in this mode - even if you decide to stay in your player vehicle. In Instant Action mode, if you change to an enemy vehicle, don't kill the player vehicle (green icon on map/radar) as this will end the round prematurely.

Level Passwords

Password - Effect
CHEESE - Level 01
TOAST - Level 02
BUTTIES - Level 03
KEBAB - Level 04
GATEAUX - Level 05


  Basic Trooper (aka Conscript)
  Special Forces

  RAH-66 Comanche
  Mil Mi-24 Hind
  Future Comanche (aka Advanced Comanche)
  Kamov Ka-50

Anti-Aircraft etc:

Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs):
  Future APC (FAPC) (aka Advanced APC)

Main Battle Tanks (MBTs):
  M1 Abrams
  Future Light Battle Tank (FLBT) (aka Advanced Light Battle Tank)
  ProTank Advanced Battle Tank (aka Pro Tank)
  Future Main Battle Tank (FMBT)


Wargasm Patch | From Atari FTP site (external link) [zip, 726Kb]
Wargasm UK Manual (from replacementdocs) | From (external link) [pdf, 1.48 MB]

DID & Wargasm Icons [zip, 1Kb]

Game Readme [zip, 8Kb]
Patch Readme [zip, 2Kb]

Box logo image [jpg, 24Kb]
Box game specs [jpg, 55Kb]


Description from FilePlanet
"The year is 2025, and the world is in utter chaos. The Earth's governments, making a noble but flawed decision, move their warring to an internet called the World Wide War Web, where all hell breaks loose. Hackers and saboteurs cripple the balance of power, sending economies into ruin and giving rise to anarchy. Now, it is up to you to sort this mess out. Wargasm is a 3D action game that allows you to play as a soldier and control both ground and aerial vehicles. It also incorporates many elements of a simulation game."

The Wargasm Demo is 48.6Mb and is available from the following external download locations (note that all the the listed downloads are free/require no login!):

Atari FTP site | FilePlanet | Gameworld Network

Making the game run on modern computers

1) Install the game.
2) Extract the Wargasm Patch [download] to the games folder. Set compatibility mode for 'didcfg.exe' (a) and 'tank.exe' (b) to Windows 95 or 98.
3) Run 32-bit [download] or 64-bit [download] reg file from Wargasm Regfiles. Both are set to 1280x1024 screen resolution (c).
4) Eject your game CD (d).
5) Plug in your joystick or gamepad (e).
6) Run the game from the default installed shortcut (f).


(a) You have to set the 'didcfg.exe' file to the Windows 95 compatibility mode otherwise the program won't save and remember your settings.

(b) You have to set the 'tank.exe' file to the Windows 95 compatibility mode or the game will run in a window and will play way too fast!

(c) Run the .reg file which corresponds to the architecture of your CPU, 32-bit or 64-bit. DO NOT use the 32-bit file if you have a 64-bit processor, and vice versa!

(d) You don't need the CD in the optical disc drive to play the game after installing the official patch, so you can put your favorite music CD and have that playing whilst you play the game if you wanted to.

(e) The game won't initialize unless you have a USB control device such as a joystick or gamepad plugged in at the time of game launch.

(f) The game also might not initialize if you try and play the game simply by double-clicking the 'tank.exe' file within the install folder (or a shortcut reflecting that), you must run it through the installed shortcut as it contains some further parameters. Instead of trying to run...
... you must have...
  C:\Games\Wargasm\tank.exe hovappdata=c:\games\Wargasm -english
... in your shortcut's Target box.

The author of this install guide, Streborp01, has tested his method on various computers using Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, both 32- and 64-bit and it worked on all of them.


It is also wise to disable all but one of your CPU cores if you have a modern multi-core processor.

There are several ways to disable CPU cores, but this is a nice quick permanent solution...

Create a shortcut to the Wargasm 'tank.exe' file on your desktop, right-click over it, select Properties and modify the "Target" option in the shortcut to...

  C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C start /affinity 1 C:\Games\Wargasm\tank.exe hovappdata=c:\games\Wargasm -english (change the install path to reflect yours, if different)

... to dedicate the first CPU core to the game (or "/affinity 2" for the second, and so on).

Thanks to YouTube member Streborp01 for his install guide and for providing the necessary files. Additional install notes by Flyboy.

Other uses of the word 'Wargasm'

Not to be confused with the thrash/metal/hardcore band called WARGASM from Stoughton, Massachusetts, United States!

The Official WARGASM Site
WARGASM on MySpace


An extract from the Schlesinger Doctrine article at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:


The first coordinated nuclear attack policy in the United States was codified as SIOP-62 at the prompting of the Science Advisor in the Eisenhower Administration, George Kistiakowsky. Prior to SIOP-62, each of the U.S.'s military branches had drawn up their own target lists and action plans, which led to a wide variety of overkill situations and the possibility of blue-on-blue fire. After Kistiakowsky reported on the problems this caused, Eisenhower took nuclear planning away from the individual branches, centralized it, and gave it to RAND for extensive oversight.

However, the plan that developed was still based on the same basic concept of an all-out war, or what Herman Kahn referred to as a "wargasm". SIOP-62 called for a single coordinated attack that used up all of the U.S.'s arsenal on a wide variety of targets in the Soviet Union and China. Concerns about the inflexibility of the plan were expressed early and often; U.S. Marine Commandant David Shoup noted that an attack by the Soviets would result in a retaliation that included China whether or not they were involved, and observed that "any plan that kills millions of Chinese when it isn't even their war is not a good plan. This is not the American way."



"Your site is looking good and the wikipedia page is coming along very nicely. A lot of credit goes to you really. Thank you for making a definite presence for Wargasm on the web, especially the wikipedia page. Can't wait to play Wargasm again." -- andwan0

"desperate to play multiplayer now got it working thanks to your site, many thanks!" -- Tom

Note that YouTube member andwan0 is the sole reason that I started this Wargasm website and has since contributed to it.

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Sources: GameSpot, MobyGames, Wikipedia and YouTube

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