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September 2012 - News Special!

Black Mesa is finally out! Previously known as Black Mesa: Source, this single-player standalone modification was released on September 14, 2012. Note that it's not the full game, but only up to 'Lambda Core' (Chapter 14), and the team plans to release the Xen levels sometime later; with the current content, they estimate that players will have 8 to 10 hours of content to complete. For anyone who doesn't know, this game is a Half-Life 2 total conversion remaking of Valve Software's award-winning PC game, Half-Life. Not happy with Valve's own release of Half-Life: Source, and after much poor reception, the Black Mesa Modification Team decided to do a 're-envisioning' of Half-Life utilizing the full capabilities of the Source engine (unlike HL: Source which only included the Havok physics engine and improved effects for water and lighting).

When first released, there was some confusion and frustration for many users who were trying to download the mod as many hosts were providing the game in a two-part .zip format, which had to be merged together once downloaded. This, coupled with the fact that the parts were corrupt for many, led to the fear in fans that they could never play this highly-awaited remake. Luckily, some hosts later provided the game as a single .zip download, with the whole archive and also an installer file to make installation easier. The 'full game', which is free, is 3.07GB. I got the mod, as a single file, successfully from
here. Once you have downloaded the file, extract the contents into a folder and run the 'blackmesa-setup.exe' file. This will guide you through the install process. After installation, restart Steam and you should find the game in your games list, available to play.

You don't even need Half-Life 2 or either of the episodes to play BMS, you just need Steam and the free download of the Source SDK Base 2007 (which is available through Steam) to run.

Find out more about Black Mesa from the official website,
Go to the Download section on the official website for a wide choice of download mirrors,

As a side note, a lot of players thought that the default player jump height was too low, having to crouch-jump over even fairly low objects. So to remedy this, you can edit...
... and change the values for...
... and...
An entry of 200 for each, is said to be more like in the original HL (with that value you do still have to crouch-jump for some jumps, but not for seemingly every jump).


June 2011 - On 2nd of this month I got a message at YouTube from
TheMan3579 saying that he was doing a review of Half-Life 2, and he asked if he could use a video clip of mine from HL2 where I filmed some zombies burning from a part in Ravenholm. I agreed and he got back to me when it was completed. I am credited as 'FlyboyHelosim' in the video, as that it what my YouTube name is, and my clip is right at the end. So here it is, Landon's Assessment: Half Life 2 assessment.

March 2011 - FileFront recently changed its name to GameFront, and also its web address reflecting that. Therefore, all my download links that pointed to the old locations became broken, these links have now been fixed. Also, all download stats for my files have been reset by the site, which I find extremely annoying. I've added a Valve Hammer Editor ATI Fix, which fixes the problem where mappers cannot select any objects or apply textures in the 3D camera view of VHE, please see the included instructions on how to use.

December 2010 - My Counter-Strike: Reality Pack hosted at FileFront has now been downloaded over 1,250 times!

November 2010 - Added most, if not all, of the levels I've ever made. If you see one you really like and wish to edit it yourself, don't hesitate to ask me for the .map or .rmf files. Plus I've added all my prefabs, a collection of other people's prefabs, more of my tester maps and some other bits and pieces.

August 2010 - My Total Carnage ModDB profile has now had over 5,000 visits! That, for me, is a real landmark achievement.

May 2010 - My Total Carnage ModDB profile has now had exactly (at time of looking) 4,000 visits!

April 2010 - My Total Carnage ModDB profile has now had over 3,500 visits!

March 2010 - My Total Carnage ModDB profile has now had over 2,100 visits!

February 2010 - Added my Total Carnage mod to Mod DB, and just a couple of days after adding it, the mod profile already had 620 visits! Also after only a few days of adding the mod, I got a message from someone over at who asked if they could host my mod at their site! Of course I agreed. So now TC has a Mod DB page where you can download it from and also you can get it from StrategyInformer. Needless to say, I was surprised to see all the attention my mod was getting so soon after making it more public. As of right now there have been over 1,800 visits to the TC Mod DB profile. Find the new links on the TC page here.

February 2010 - I looked again at my Total Carnage mod stats at and it has now been downloaded over 200 times.

December 2009 - I've added some Half-Life tools to the site, mainly ones for map, model, PAK, sprite and texture creation/editing. I didn't bother to make an actual page to put the download links on, instead I decided to use a directory listing, much like the style of some of the good old website download directories. Also added a Half-Life 2 page

April 2009 - The site has moved to this new location. Now we got more space and no ads! The new home is

March 2009 - I've opened an online store at with some Half-Life designs on t-shirts and stuff. Check out HL Freak's Online Store

December 2008 - Added a page for the Kleiner's Adventures mod I'm helping out with. Go

May 13 2008 - I am currently helping out darkslicer with his single-player Half-Life mod where you play as the scientist Kleiner. The mod is currently called Kleiner's Adventures. Go
here for more info. While you're online, also check out his new Valve Hammer Editor Tutor site here.

April 09 2008 - converted my HL webpage into a full site.

September 26 2007 - I checked the stats for my Total Carnage mod over at and was pleased to see that it has a User Rating of 3 out of 5 and has been downloaded 128 times.

January 25 2006 - uploaded my Total Carnage mod to

July 26 2005 - first online.
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