Total Carnage is an improved multiplayer mod for Half-Life.


     changed console text color and drop-down speed
     new console image
     FPS counter
     modified first-person field-of-view
     modified weapon bob cycle rate
     modified weapon bob intensity
     modified bullet tracer transparency (now no tracers)
     some new weapon models (crowbar, hornetgun, hand grenades and satchels)
     many new sounds (HEV Suit, grunt, items, weapons)
     some new weapon effects (muzzleflashes)
     new splash screen
     new menu button colors and sounds

At the push of a button you can...

     turn the crosshairs on/off
     turn the weapon model on/off
     zoom in with all weapons
     switch between First- and Third-Person perspective (sp)
     fake injury and death
     commit suicide
     turn on hi-contrast models (sp)
     toggle autoaim
     call for a medic
     say a predefined taunt
     activate Crazy Vision
     activate Grav Shift
     activate Slow Motion (sp)
     activate Speed Boost
     activate Stealth Mode (mp)
     activate 'impulse 101'
     spawn an HEV Suit
     spawn a Healthkit
     spawn a Battery
     plus much more!

(sp) = available in single-player mode only.
(mp) = available in multi-player mode only.

Where to get it...

     Title: Total Carnage
     Version: 1.0 (Lite)
     Filename: carnage.exe
     Filesize: 1.5mb

     Download from GameFront
     Take a preview look at the readme file for further info

     Also now available from ModDB
     And also at StrategyInformer

Your comments...

"It looks like an awesome mod and we would be honored to host it." -- malonn (

"looks good..." -- Keith117

"i have played this mod and its fun :D" -- Johan14000

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