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.50 and .500 Caliber Handguns
Anti-Tank Guided Missiles
Automatic Combat Shotguns
Bullpup Assault Rifles
Combination Guns
Early Multiple Barrelled Guns
Future Weapons - Auto Assault-12 (AA-12) Automatic Shotgun
Future Weapons - CheyTac M200 Intervention System
Future Weapons - FGM-148 Javelin Shoulder-Launched Missile
Future Weapons - KRISS 45 Sub-Machine Gun
Future Weapons - Metal Storm
Future Weapons - XM307 Automatic Grenade Launcher and XM312 Heavy Machine Gun
M16 Family
Machine Pistols
Modern Main Battle Tanks (MBTs)
Modern Multiple Barrelled Guns
Naval Close-In Weapon Systems (CIWS)
Soviet T-series Tanks (Past, Present And Future)
The Minigun
Underwater Firearms
Weapons used by Germany in World War II
Weapons used by the United States in World War II
Weapons used by the United States in the Vietnam War
Weapons used by the Viet Cong in the Vietnam War

Interview with an Abrams Gunner
Interview with a K9 Police Officer
Interview with a Naval Officer (Ret.) (10th Anniversary of 9/11)
Interview with a Vietnam Vet turned author
Interview with an A-10C Crew Chief
Manchu Reunion 2010 - Diary of a Vietnam Veteran
Memoirs of a Vietnam Veteran
Poems of a Vietnam Veteran
The Logbook articles of Capt. William Ball
Tribute to Alfred W. Baker

Other Information
AK-47 and derivatives
Battlezone (game)
Blackwater USA/Worldwide
Boeing: Integrated Defense Systems - Phantom Works
Callsign/Phonographic Alphabet
Current U.S. infantry weapons and cartridges
Grunt Speak
Handguns & Combat Revolvers - The Best
Handgun Ammunition (table)
Iron Sights
Loading and Reloading Procedures
M1 Abrams 120mm Ammunition
M16 Info/Notes
Minigun Specs (M134 & XM214)
Model Designation Of Military Aerospace Vehicles
Murphy's Laws Of Combat
NATO reporting names for Soviet anti-tank missiles
NATO reporting names for Soviet surface-to-air missiles
Ranger Creed
Rifleman's Creed
Terrorist weapons and armour materials used to resist them (table)
The Military-Industrial Complex Leaderboard (2006)
Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2010)
U.S. Soldier's Creed

Military Aircraft (plus all aircraft-related info)
Military Helicopters (plus all helicopter-related info)
News (news of interest)