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I started this website in July 2005 because I've wanted to do a Slipknot website for a while now - as they are my favorite band.
Also, as a tribute to the band as it was coming up for their 'tenth' anniversary. I pride myself on having more information on a single website than any other one out there - just a shame I haven't added it all yet!

If I ever got round to creating a fansite, I always wanted it to look and feel like the first, 'old skool' SK fansites that appeared on the web - way back in '99 - and what captured my imagination from day one. So, it helps that it is hosted by GeoCities - as all the first sites were done this way - no custom domain names, no fancy menus or page layouts. Just basic html was used - no php or flash in sight.
I prefer to deliver 100% hardcore, accurate info on a basic site, than have less than adequate info on a complex, state-of-the-art one.
I also believe in keeping the spec down, so that anyone on any computer can view it, without having to wait ages for the pages to load or to have loads of plug-ins installed. So here you have it... Enjoy.