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Sid Wilson -- Sound Proof Coalition (SPC)
Joey Jordison -- Anal Blast, Avanga, Hell Pig, Modifidious, The Have Nots, The Rejects
Paul Gray -- Anal Blast, Body Pit, Inveigh Catharsis, The Have Nots, VeXX
Chris Fehn -- Noisegate, Shedd
Jim Root -- Atomic Opera, Deadfront
Craig Jones -- Modifidious
Shawn Crahan -- Heads On The Wall
Mick Thompson -- Body Pit
Corey Taylor -- Bloodfest, Closure, Dead Second, Project-X, SuperEgo

Anders Colsefni -- Body Pit, Inveigh Catharsis, Painface, On A Pale Horse, VeXX
Donnie Steele -- Anal Blast, Body Pit, Killpact
Greg Welts -- Agent Orange, CH3, Mad Parade, Organised Crime, The Have Nots
Josh Brainard -- Inveigh Catharsis, Modifidious, On A Pale Horse, Undone, VeXX
Brandon Darner -- ??
Pat Neuwirth -- Heads On The Wall
Quan Nong -- Heads On The Wall