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Whether you like it or not, Slipknot is a religion. It's a religion, a cult, a sect, a brotherhood, an institution. It's a religion because it's something that many pople believe in. If you look hard enough, you will come to realise, like myself included, that it affects every aspect of life. OK, so it's all a bit made-up. So what? ALL religion is made-up. Whether you're a Christian, Roman Catholic, Hindu, Muslim, Juda, or Mormon - it's all just make believe, obviously. Whether you're a Freemason or Satanist. Who's to say what's right and what's wrong. Oh yeah, I forgot - the Bible and Koran. Two books that were just written by someone(s) with basically, too much time on their hands. If you want to believe what is written in those books then fine, but how much of it is actually true? Does God exist? Did Jesus really die on the cross? Who cares? No, what I'm interested in is a force that is more powerful than any of that shit. A REAL force that is alive today, that we can all see, hear and feel (and smell if you're unfortunate enough to be THAT close at a concert!) Slipknot are indeed real. They are living, and their presence can be felt almost anywhere you go. Instead of God, we have Shawn Crahan. Instead of church, we have concerts. Instead of the Bible, we have these such websites. Instead of preachers, we have the band themselves. Instead of believers, we have the maggots. I believe, that Slipknot have changed the world in a way that religion could only dream of. The band have reached out and touched the hearts and minds of thousands, if not millions worldwide. They speak a language that many of use can identify with, and their sheer brutality and confrontation shows that they are a force to be reckoned with.