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Tribute Band

The only known Slipknot tribute band (at the time), called DISASTERPIECE, has been formed in Chicago.

"Just so everybody knows...Disasterpiece formed when Headlok began their break from playing out early this January after a year and 1/2 of local shows (every weekend most of the time). It's whole purpose was to do something in the meantime that might have a chance of earning some extra money for Headlok's expenses; recording, merch, advertising and promoting. And since cover and tribute bands are so fuckiní popular around this place, we thought Slipknot would be a perfect additive to the scene. We truly have worked hard to make it the best show possible.
The masks and jumpsuits are one thing, but the presence and music matter more to the band. YOU WILL go home that night after a show thinking that you have just seen a Slipknot show for a cheap price. Even if you are not a fan, wouldn't you still want to go just to see if we are anything close to the real thing?"