R.I.P. Kevin 'Positive G' Speichts

Kevin Frederick Speichts sadly passed away from heart failure on August 29, 2009. He was only 43.

This is a great loss to both the real world and the virtual one. Kevin helped keep Longbow 2 running for many years, and was the first (that I know of) to allow people to run the sim on new PCs.

See the original post *In Memorial* - Kevin "Positive G" Speichts, Rest In Peace..., at the SimHQ Forums.

Here is the website of the funeral home that preceded Kevin's funeral. Go here for pictures and more details.

Kevin Frederick Speichts
Born: September 24, 1965
Died: August 29, 2009
Memorialized by: JA Snow Funeral Home, Halifax, NS

Rest In Peace, My Friend

I, Gary 'Flyboy' Wright, pledge to keep Kevin's spirit and work alive by hosting his website for as long as possible. When Kevin died, his website at his web address disappeared, due to, I'm guessing, his domain name or host subscription running out. Luckily I had saved his entire website and content previously for personal reference and use, and took it upon myself to host his site with all its valuable content that people trying to get Jane's Longbow 2 running on modern PCs still use today. His work and his website inspired me to go on and do what I do today - continue his work and never forget where it all started.

Note that the website appears as the original but I have edited some site content such as internal links (so that the website functions as it should at its new home), removed some defunct external links (replacing them where possible) and I've also removed Kevin's e-mail address (replacing it with my own).

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