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Dump_cmd project for SS2
>> Console commands for System Shock 2.

GameCopyWorld - System Shock 2
>> No-CD and Fixed exe files for all versions of System Shock 2.

How To Run System Shock 2 on Windows XP/2000 - TTLG Forums
>> Problems and solutions for how to run System Shock 2 on Windows XP/2000.

Karen's System Shock Site
>> Game information such as enemies, weapons and ammo, damage system plus art for System Shock.

Looking Glass Classics
>> System Shock, System Shock 2, Shock 2 art, fanfiction and forums.

MobyGames - System Shock
>> Box shots, screenshots, game description, user reviews, trivia, tips and tricks for SS1.

MobyGames - System Shock 2
>> Box shots, screenshots, game description, user reviews, trivia, tips and tricks for SS2.

Official System Shock 2 website - Irrational Games
>> Game awards and System Shock 2 FAQ.

System Shock 2 FAQ
>> Frequently asked questions regarding SS2.

Shock Modifications Archive
>> Help and discussion, System Shock and System Shock 2 modifications, fan missions, modding.

SHTUP - Shock Texture Upgrade Project
>> SHTUP is a mod for System Shock 2 which aims to increase the resolution of all the common (and quite a few of the not-so-common) object textures. A secondary objective of the mod is to correct all other graphical glitches, such as typos, continuity errors, texture alignment errors, and so on. All of this is to be done while sticking as closely as possible to the original art style. Simply put, our goal is to make SS2 look like a higher-res version of itself. - Through the Looking Glass
>> News, info, downloads, fan art, walkthrough, tutorials, fan missions and resources for SS2. - Information Data.Node
>> This center is designed for people who have not yet played System Shock 2, and wish to get an idea of what the game will be like. If offers a nearly complete collection of pre-release info, which basically means that everything in there has been deemed by the developers as "okay" to know before you start playing. There are no spoilers in there! Read to dive in?

The System Shock Hack Project
>> The basic idea is to reverse-engineer and then re-engineer System Shock. Why? Well, partly to preserve the legacy of the great Looking Glass studios. Partly to bring a classic game up to date. But mainly because it's tremendous fun.

The TriOptimum Corporate Network
>> Overview, links and chat for SS1.

Through the Looking Glass: Honoring the Legacy of Looking Glass Studios
>> Forums for Deus Ex, System Shock 1 & 2 and the Thief series.

TTLG: The System Shock 1 Fansite Hub
>> Links for the original System Shock.

Trioptimum, Inc. Corporate Website
>> Links for System Shock 1 & 2.

Wikipedia - System Shock
>> Game overview, screenshots and links for SS1.

Wikipedia - System Shock 2
>> Game overview, screenshots and links for SS2.

System Shock 2 Patch
Download shkpatch.exe (5.2 Mb) from

The patch implements cooperative, modem/LAN capability for up to four simultaneous System Shock 2 players. The patch also improves the game's single-player mode by adding user control over weapon degradation and monster re-spawning.